Brenden Borellini – The Amazing Story of the Blind Photographer

You might think that because he can ́t see, nor hear, he can ́t do much in this world. But, Brenden Borellini proves us all wrong. Though he was born with congenital deafness and partial blindness, which developed into complete blindness, Borellini chose his passion: photography, over his disabilities.

Yes, life is difficult when you can ́t see or hear. At least that ́s what the rest of us thinks. It takes a great person to show to the world that anything and everything is possible. You just have to want it really bad and find a way to make it your reality.

What started as a joke between two friends (Brenden Borellini and Steve Mayer-Miller) soon became a challenge and resulted with Borellini giving its best to becoming a photographer. 

But how does Brenden Borellini take pictures?

Steve Mayer-Miller, artistic director for Crossroad Arts (a local organization that develops opportunities for people with a disability to access and participate in the arts) showed Borellini the buttons on the camera. After that he started taking pictures.

Because he can ́t see, Borellini interprets and feels the image with the help of a special printer. He receives feedback on the pictures taken through a machine that converts text to braille.

It ́s not about the photo as a result, it ́s about the experience of taking a photograph. It takes courage to do what he did, to overcome his limits.

Brenden Borellini is that kind of person that makes you think of your own achievements and limitations, that makes you realize you have no excuse not to follow your dreams.

So, what are you going to do to follow your dreams?