Portfolio – a Squarespace app for photographers

As a photographer, I always want to have my portfolio with me and show it to possible business partners. But as we all know, we depend on the Internet connection we have on our devices (in my case Ipad and Iphone). There is nothing more embarrassing when you want to show your work and the Internet is slow and it takes forever to load a photograph.

Squarespace, the website platform builder found a quick, free and easy to use solution. They launched a couple of years ago an app named “Portfolio” that allows Squarespace users to create a cloud-based portfolio by connecting their devices to their Squarespace account.

On this app, you can adjust your photos´ border, shape, alignment or shade. You basically need to open an account on Squarespace, put your galleries in it and sync it to your portfolio app. Then you´ll have access to your photos all the time, no matter what Internet connection you have (or not, for that matter).

For the moment, Portfolio is available for iPad and Iphone, soon will be available for Android devices also.

I have discovered Squarespace a while ago, thanks to Jared Polin, loved the platform and decided to make my website here. What attracted me from the beginning was how clean and easy to use this platform is. You don´t need coding skills (I for sure don´t have any), and yet you can build your website in no more than 30 minutes.

What Squarespace doesn´t do well enough is promote themselves and their products. They have excellent products, but very few know about them.

Now, if you´re a photographer, Portfolio is the best cloud-based app for you.

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think.