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Worlds Most Iconic Sports Photographer - Neil Leifer

We live in a creative competitive world and sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration for the best shot. Nature with its colors, people around us usually are great inspiration resources.

I like to take my "inspiration pill" from the work of great photographers and today I want to present to you one of the best sport photographers of all time: Neil Leifer.

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The man that "shot" Muhammad Ali best "punch", Neil Leifer - probably the most iconic sport photographer in the world - had over 200 covers of Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, Life Magazine, People.

To honor him, Baltimore Sports Legends Museum helds until October 2014 a 54-picture exhibition with Mr. Leifer best work, called "Images we remember. The world of Neil Leifer".

"I had a real passion for photography, I was a rabbit sports fan and I worked very hard. I don´t think I am particularly gifted, I think I had to work twice as hard." - Mr. Leifer modestly said. "In sport photography you have to be very lucky and to be in the right seat at the right time." - he added.

Have a look at this interview with Mr. Leifer.

Tell me about you. How do you find inspiration?

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