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Shooting Kids and Family

I don´t usually shoot people or “things in movement :)”, but this shooting was special. On a Sunday morning I shot an young happy family in the park. The initial arrangement was to shoot only the kid, a three-year-old handsome boy.


During the photo shoot we had such a great time that I ended up shooting the whole family. Mom was excited, as it was the first time “her baby´s” portraits were taken. Dad was proud of his son´s posing skills :).

Here are some of the photographs chosen by Getty Images.


I had fun entertaining the kid while capturing his best expressions.


All right, you get my point: I´d enjoyed the photo shoot.

While shooting outdoors, like in my example in a beautiful park, always always pay attention to your composition and background. Compose your images with care, so you won´t have branches or trees growing up of your subjects heads, pay attention to people passing by in your background.


Before shooting I had my homework done with several posing positions for the kid, but as I got to know him, I realized he wasn´t comfortable in stain still positions. So, I had to adapt. I interacted with him, I motivated the parents to transform the photo shoot in a game for him.


While shooting kids, another important thing is to observe them closely and notice when they get tired (translation: grumpy :)). Respect and treat them as adults giving them space. This break is also good for you: you can review your work progress and correct if necessary.

It was not my case, I did not have time to breathe…boy the father was talking so much :). Anyway, he is a cool guy.

I´d like to hear about your experience in shooting kids and families.