Humans of New York

You already know him. If you are online, it´s impossible to not have heard, read or seen one of his photos. Yes, I am talking about Brandon Stanton, the New York Times Bestseller author, founder of Humans of New York.

His story is one of those stories to tell your grandchildren: the guy that lost his job as a bond trader in Chicago and decided to follow his passion, to become a photographer. He moved to New York with two suitcases, lived in a room with only a mattress on the floor to become 3 and half years later number one New York Times Bestselling author for his photo book Humans of New York.

If you listen to his story, which I highly recommend you do, you´ll identify the same pattern we see in highly achievers: passion, determination, perseverance and success.

What stuck with me listening to his story was the determination and perseverance he had all this time. Please bear in mind this guy started shooting streets portraits with one camera and one lens for about 3 years every single day, without being paid. How many of us are willing to do that for so long?

Yeah, we like the idea, but are we truly willing to do that, even if we would have had the same conditions he had?

His belief: “if I work every single day and I never take a day off, I will be successful, ´cause there are people out there, they will notice”.

Bellow you can find the interview Chase Jarvis took him few days ago.

But before, that, I´ll leave you with his piece of advice: “you have to be your own first fan, you have to trust what you like, you have to look at your work and say how can I make myself like it more?”