Getty Critics "destroys" stock images

You all know Getty Images – “a leading provider of digital media worldwide, creating and distributing a range of assets – from royalty-free stock photography and editorial images to videomusic and multimedia".

This is the best place to find the best stock photographs.

What about the bad ones, you might ask? Are there “bad” photographs on Getty?

Well, Andrew MacPhee and Bart Batchelor, two art directors, thought would be fun to put together the really “wrong” stock photographs they came across throughout their entire career. And boy, they did.


After hours and hours of work, back in July, Getty Critics came to life. Let´s see for how long :).  Oh, the site has a motto: “Every stock image has a flaw. We´re here to point them out”.

But where is Getty? What´s Getty doing? As MacPhee says: “I guess Getty is reaping the benefits or don’t care, or maybe they haven’t finished their lawsuit” :).

Back to Getty Critics - a gigantic but fun work.

The idea of Getty Critics is simple: share “wrong” stock images with funny messages.


Over one million views in just six days, after being posted on Reddit! This is something, not like “gangnam style” :), but WOW!

After Stock Photography came Stock video, of course, with its own motto: “There’s a reason stock video doesn’t have sound”.

Have a look guys, it´s hilarious!