Spend Less Time in Photoshop!

Hi guys, In this blog post I will write down a little bit of my experience as a product shooter for stock and also let you know a few tricks that I apply to spend less time in PS.

To make a long story short: when you shoot products, even if they are brand new, out of the box, if you look closely, they have dust, spots, etc., all over it. It is pretty hard to see it with an open eye, but they are full of “stuff”.

Another important thing is the working space. When shooting on reflective surfaces, a simple clean up will save you a lot of time in post production.

In first image below I took a shot without cleaning the product or the reflective surface. You can clearly see there are a lot of dust spots.

Another trick I apply in order to spend less time in PS is, when possible, twist, “hide” the logos.In the second image below I simply twisted the lock cylinder in order to hide the serial number.So, keep in mind: clean your product, clean your background and hide logos.And, by the way, if you need to lock up your bike the image is available HERE :)

Until next time… Happy Shooting!