How to shoot a video interview?

Hi guys,

The other day I found an interesting educational video from Adorama TV: How to shoot an interview?

Why did this story get my attention?

Well, besides of the fact that I like to learn new things, I liked how Rich Harrington explained the approach to have with your subject. And of course, I liked the fact that all the tips he gave apply to shooting stills.

As in photography, you have to get the best performance out of your subject; you have to have them tell a story.

Just like for a portrait shooting, you have to talk to your subject, to make him or her feel comfortable, to let him or her know you are interested, to establish a relationship.

The interview should feel like a conversation. Actually the interview is a conversation.

Keep the questions short and get short and concise answers.

And, the most important, make your subject and your audience enjoy.

Take a look:

Shooting an Interview - Video Skills with Rich Harrington