10 Things that Annoy Photographers

Do you have friends that feel entitled to express their all-knowing opinion on your gear or on your photographs? Yes, you do. Admit it!

To prove it, the guys from DigitalRev put together a funny video with top 10 things friends/family do to annoy photographers and photo enthusiasts.

Let´s roll!

1. Your friends think your DSLR looks Pro:

Though they have no idea if it´s an entry level DSLR or not, they will always say how professional it looks!

2. Classic film cameras look like kids toys:

When they see you with a film camera, besides the fact they don´t know what it is, your friends will comment that it looks like a kids toy!

3. You just can´t take candid photos of your friends:

Every time you have your camera with you, if you want to take a candid photo of your friends, they enter in “cheese time” mood. So, no candid photo for you :). 

4. Smartphones are comparable to DSLR:

I absolutely love this: Your friends think that DSLR specs are comparable with a smartphone! LOL.

5. Does your prime zoom?

When they ask you if your prime lens zooms, you just know it´s laughing time. Now, why would you get annoy of a question like that?!

6. Get invited to events…with your camera:

How about when you get invited to events and realise it´s only because of your camera?

"Could you take few snap shots? I mean nothing important, just few pictures?” - Sounds familiar?

7. Playing with your camera:

Your camera it´s the new toy, so every time you meet, they just have to play with it. 

8. Greasy hands on your camera and lens:

Well, that´s the one that pisses me off!

9. Photoboom your arty landscape photo:

They pop up in the middle of your arty landscape for a cheesy portrait. 

10. They look at your photos and they come up with: You must have a really expensive camera!

Gee, thanks!

For the funny faces, check the video!