I started my professional life 10 years ago in the banking industry, passing from customer care to project management always looking for the next challenge and never being satisfied until achieving the best results. Yet, there was an internal hunger I never wanted to listen until it started to grow and grow, until I was unable to ignore it anymore: DO what you Love!

So I did: I moved from Bucharest to Madrid and I started doing what I love: Photography.

There is a lot to say why I chose photography, but the bottom line is: I love to show you the world through my lenses.

I am a perfectionist (by nature), so each day you will find me in my studio working for the perfect shot.

I believe in hard word, I believe in passion, I believe in having a mission in this life and doing what you love is part of it.

You can find my work on the most important stock agencies in the world such asGetty ImagesShutterstockFotoliaAlamyDreamstime.